Love Git, Love Gitosis

September 25, 2009 | 1 Minute Read

Just officially converted all my source repositories to Git from Subversion. I’ve played with Git off and on since 2006, when my friend bsharpe first introduced it to me, but I never went all-in.

There was always so much inertia attached to the status quo:

  • I use something else at my job.
  • I don’t really contribute to any distributed projects.
  • My tools have no Git integration.
  • I hardly ever branch.
  • What I have is plenty fast enough.
  • etc.

No more excuses.

The fact is, my company and I often make different choices (thank God, otherwise I’d be using VSS or StarTeam). I frequently work on my own projects from several locations. File manager or IDE integration is less important to me than it once was. As far as branching goes: forgive me, for I did not truly comprehend.

So, I switched everything over. It was pretty straightforward, except for one minor annoyance with gitosis. I’ll probably move a few projects on GitHub eventually, but gitosis allows me to preserve the stuff nobody else really wants to see. svn2git made converting my existing Subversion repositories completely painless.