Super-Effective Development Workspace

August 29, 2009 | 1 Minute Read

Here's my super-effective Ifos development workspace. It's a temporary solution, having no other place to put the new iMac.

I think Angie was a little dismayed that we needed another computer… Let’s see, there’s the office desktop, my laptop, my netbook, her laptop, her studio workstation, my workshop workstation, and now an iMac. What’s the problem?

What better place to develop hardware and software than a glass kitchen table (always good with optical mice) in a high-traffic location under the watchful eye of a spirited 5-year-old, his even-more-spirited 3-year-old brother, two obnoxiously affectionate cats, and one large dog who considers it her indoor doghouse?

Roll over to highlight items. Development workspace